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Gatespace was formed in 1999 as Gatespace AB, a joint venture between Ericsson and Carlstedt Research & Technology to build application development tools and the application execution framework for Ericsson’s e-Services System. Gatespace AB acquired Ericsson’s e-Services product line and invested in excess of 130 person years and $21m in development.  Gatespace Networks was formed in 2003 with a management purchase of Gatespace AB assets.  As part of that transaction, two other entities came into existence, MakeWave and Knopflerfish.  MakeWave is an independent Swedish company that provides technology and solutions for the telematics market and continues the pioneering work of Gatespace AB in OSGi.  Knopflerfish is an open-source organization based in Sweden that promotes software in support of OSGi.  Gatespace Networks has made certain OSGi related software available to Knopflerfish.
The company specializes in the management of devices and associated applications deployed in broadband networks.  There are three complimentary technology groupings that can be deployed individually or in various combinations with components from different groups.
We offer a complete CWMP implementation with services that enable the customer (CPE vendor) to specify extensions as permitted by the standard and extensions that their customers (service providers) demand to achieve interoperabilty with existing management systems.  Most large service providers require that all new devices that they add to their broadband networks incorporate TR-069 (CWMP) support.  Even the most advanced users of TR-069 are only seeing a small fraction of the potential benifits of the protocol, typically remote software download and some remote diagnostics.  We anticipate that service providers will use the protocol to introduce new services, improve customer service levels and reduce costs as the installed population of TR-069 compliant devices grows.

Exploiting the power of TR-069 will require new management tools and applications of the type that Gatespace is already developing and deploying.
The Gatespace e-Services Manager is a TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS) that is ideal for managing small to medium sized networks and/or populations of devices requiring intensive management.  Most contemporary ACS are designed for low-intensity management of very large populations of devices.  By low intensity we mean relatively long intervals (a day or more) between periodic routine contacts with each device, and very little automation of diagnostic procedures when an anomaly is detected.  The Gatespace e-Services Manager is typically deployed where premium services are offered with frequent routine contact by managed devices and automated diagnostic procedures that present support staff with a comprehensive assessment of an abnormal condition.  The overall objective being to detect problems and resolve problems as fast as possible - thereby attracting premium service revenues from individuals and industries that require very high levels of availability.
Gatespace offers a group of applications that can be combined to yield a complete residential gateway implementation.  Each application is easily ported to devices with Gatespace CWMP (TR-069) software, the most commonly deployed applications are configuration management, firewall control and access control.
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