For All Things TR-069

The Gatespace Auto Configuration Server (ACS) is offered to the OEM market for integration as the management component in turnkey networked CPE solutions and to service providers with small to medium sized networks and/or with CPE populations requiring intensive care facilities.   The ACS supports the full set of TR-069 data objects and RPCs.
In contrast with most Auto Configuration Servers, that are optimized for managing very large CPE populations with routine and relatively infrequent contacts, the Gatespace ACS is optimized for smaller poulations with relatively frequent and extended contact.  With the Gatespace ACS, service providers are able to offer premium management services, usually to corporate clients, and to move troubled CPE from the general CPE population to diagnose problems in an intensive care environment.

Test and diagnostic procedures, as used in the Gatespace Test ACS, can be used in the main ACS product and new procedures can be added to automate the interogation and test of managed CPE.  These procedures can be selectively applied to specific CPE devices or to classes of CPE device.  Thus the service provider can extend library of diagnostic procedures to construct service packages and corrective action plans.