For All Things TR-069

By adding applications ino the gateway device, service providers are able to convert what is generally regarded as a commodity "modem" from a pure expense to a source of revenue adding value to the service and enhancing customer retention.  TR-069 facilitates the provisioning, configuration and day-to-day management of applications without limiting the ability of each application to interact with specialized servers.  It is possible for the service provider to provision, activate/deactivate applications/services for third parties effectively renting out access the infrastructure end-points while retaing full control over service levels.
Gatespace’s roots are in pre TR-069 applications developed initially for the OSGi environment, then proprietary implementations for the major gateway chipsets, then with the advent of TR-069 standards-based management.  It is not unusual for multiple applications to exist concurrently in the same gateway either independantly or in a cooperating mode.  Gatespace applications currently deployed include:

•  Set-Top Box Resource Control

•  Configuration Automation (router port mapping)

•  Content Filtering (e.g. parental controls)

•  Acces Control (by time of day, device, identity, time rationing)

•  Hot Spots (subscription and access control)

•  Reconciliation of local and remote configuration changes (using local OSGi interface)