For All Things TR-069

In the TR-069 (CWMP) build vs. buy decision there are at least three areas to be considered that are directly affected by the body of knowledge available to the designers.  An adequate body of knowledge can only be acquired by exposure to a large number of prior implementations and proven interoperability with multiple ACSs.
Most device manufacturers will offer multiple devices using, at least in the longer term, multiple platforms.  There are clear cost and time-to-market advantages in maintaining common shared software components.  The Gatespace CWMP implementation is available for all major device platforms and has been shown to be readily ported to new platforms.  In addition to reducing costs and development time this simplifies the task of supporting multiple products.

Making a CWMP implementation that is portable is significantly more complex that simply adding logic to existing code to achieve nominal compliance with the standard.  To have real long-term value the implementation must support all the complex use cases such as parameter change validation and roll back.
The utility and value of a device’s TR-069 compliance is entirely derived from it’s ability to interoperate with all the major ACS implementations.  Interoperability with an ACS from the same stable is of little value since most prospective customers for the device will be using a different ACS.  The Gatespace CWMP implementation is constantly being exposed to multiple ACS implementations in large scale operational networks.
The ability to install value-adding applications to gateway devices after they are deployed represents a significant product differentiator for device manufacturers and service providers.  The Gatespace CWMP implementation fully supports application download and management.  In addition Gatespace offers a range of off-the-shelf applications that enable service providers to develop new sources of revenue.