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Data Sheet
The Test ACS is offered as a hosted service and in an in-hose server version.  This test tool allows CPE manufacturers to aggresively test for compliance to the standard and the handling of non-standard inputs at all stages of development, test, release and field support.   The tool enables service providers to rigorously evaluate prospective CPE and new software loads for compliance to requirements prior to purchase, distribution and field upgrades.
The Gatespace Test ACS is a self-contained ACS designed to operate on a UNIX server.  It brings a new approach to testing by automating most of the tedious and repetitive tasks associated with following rigorous regression testing looking at multiple variations of obscure and unusual conditions to ensure that TR-069 devices for comply with the standard.  One or more test scripts can be scheduled for a specific device.  Those scripts are then executed when the device makes an INFORM contact with the test ACS.  Test scripts are self modifying in that they can evaluate the value of parameters as reported by the device being tested to determine the next condition to execute within the script.   A given test may be performed over multiple INFORMS thereby allowing device functions that consume significant time or a device reboot to be tested.  At the extreme, a full battery of tests could be schedules at the same time to in a single script to verify TR-069 compliance.  Such a comprehensive set of tests is a desirable part of a product release protocol to confirm compliance and avoid costly oversights in the preceeeding development/revision cycle.

Any organization with responsibilities for testing devices for TR-069 compliance and acceptable handling or erroneous input (from the CPE) can achieve significant productivity improvements using the Gatespace Test ACS.  Scarce resources can be devoted to the design of the testing regimen and freed from tedious and unproductive task of manually setting up, executing and evaluating a large numbers of largely repetitive tests.

The Gatespace Test ACS Hosted Service is offered with a with a 45-day no-risk trial with a monthly subscription billed at $500/month or an annual subscription billed at $5,000/year with no long term commitment. .  To request a subscription, please press the button below.

The Gatespace Test ACS download for in-lab testing, (server software) is offered with a 45-day no-risk trial for $15,000 including first year maintenance, ongoing maintenance is offered at $3,000 per year.   To order the software, please press the button below.

Service providers are invited to request the first Test ACS (hosted or in-house server version) with an indefinite trial license.  Simply check the appropriate box on the order form.