For All Things TR-069

Gatespace Networks offers a full range of software components and subsystems that allow device manufacturers and service providers to build, test, deploy and manage TR-069 diverse populations of TR-069 compliant devices.  All components are offered with maintenance services that ensure future compliance for installed products as the standard(s) evolve.

All Gatespace components and sub-systems are vendor neutral.  Our first objective is to implement strictly to the standard, our second objective is to acheive interoperability with all major corresponding systems, primarily between the Gatespace CWMP and major ACSs.
On the management side Gatespace offers an ACS, a Test ACS and distribution management solutions for CPE.  The ACS is optimized for the intensive care of medium sized CPE populations as opposed to routine monitoring of very large populations.  The Test ACS provides equipment manufacturers with a comprehensive test tool for all phases of development and test.  It also provides service providers with an efficient mechanism for evaluating candidate CPE for compliance with the standard and regression testing of new software versions prior to deployment in the network.  Distribution management solutions address the challenge of de-coupling CPE from distribution by eliminating the need for special software loads during manufacture or loading new software in the distribution channel.

On the managed device side Gatespace offers a CWMP client (TR-069 client) - the most widely deployed client in the market.  The Gatespce CWMPc is available for integration in productd based on all the major gateway/device platfoms enabling the device manufacturer to achieve previously unatainable time-to-market goals while eliminating the risk associated with deploying complex communications software in consumer grade products.  The Gatespace CWMPc enables the device manufacturer to avoid the commoditizing constraints associated with the adoption of 'standards' by being data model independant and fully supporting vendor specific entensions as allowed in the structure of TR-069.   In addition to rapid deployment, specifying the Gatespace CWMPc, allows the device manufacturer to maximize his competitive position with respect to TR-069 compliance while minimizing the cost of maintaining specialized knowledge in-house. Our clients can rely on Gatespace to keep them appraised of the details and implications of evolving standards.

Gatespace offers a number of test and evaluation tools:

The Test ACS is offered as a hosted service and in an in-house server version. This test tool allows CPE manufacturers and service providers to aggresively test for compliance to the standard and correct handling of non-standard inputs at all stages of development, test, release and, for service providers, product evaluation and distribution.

The CWMP Client is a workststion implementation of the CPE resident component of TR-069. This test tool is available free of charge to Test ACS subscribers. The CWMP Client, derived from the Gatespace licensed product, provides CPE developers with a base for comparing protocol interactions

The CWMPc Evaluation Package enables prospective users of the Gatespace CWMP Client to assess the functionality and level of effort required to integrate the software and achieve TR-069 compliance. The package includes sufficient source code to enable the creation of getter/setter functions responsible for mapping information to/from software in the the host device.